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Yearly Requirements of your Hong Kong company

Once you’ve successfully set up your Hong Kong company you may be interested to find out what the annual requirements of your business are.

1. Annual Return

Your Hong Kong company is required to file an annual return within 42 days of the initial registration date. Fee of $25 applies. List of officers and directors must be attached.

If you’re setting up a company in Hong Kong with Startupr, we will remind you by email 1-2 months before due date.

2. Profits Tax Return

There is a requirement for newly incorporated companies to file their profits tax return within 3 months of the delivery of PTR. PTR is commonly received within 1 to 2 months before the company’s 2 year anniversary.

PTR is filed for the first 18 months starting incorporation date of the company.

We’ll notify you as soon as we receive your PTR, issued by IRD.

3. Initial Annual Audit

Your company must conduct an initial annual audit within 18 months after the incorporation. There is an exception for companies with unlimited liability.

4. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The first annual general meeting must be held within 18 months of the incorporation date.

5. Business Registration Certificate

Another requirement relates to the company’s business certificate that must be renewed one to three years post-incorporation, depending on the issuance date. The renewal cannot be done more than one month before expiration.

If you’re set up your company with Startupr, we will remind you by email 1-2 months before due date.

6. Notification of commencement of business

Your newly incorporated company is required to notify the IRD in writing of your business (including the company’s name, nature of business and business description, business address and the date of the commencement of your business) within one month of the date of commencement of your business.

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