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Why is incorporating in Hong Kong the best choice for your startup?

In an effort to foster unicorn firms and advance the expansion of the new economy, economies throughout the world are making little effort to support start-ups, which are regarded as engines of economic progress. According to Invest Hong Kong’s (InvestHK) Annual Startup Survey, the number of start-up businesses in the region has steadily increased over the past several years. The number of local start-ups increased by 28 percent to 3,360 between 2018 and 2020, employing 10,688 individuals. They cover a wide range of industries, with professional and consulting services, e-commerce, supply chain management, and financial technology (fintech) accounting for the lion’s share. Although Hong Kong’s startup environment is still expanding, there is space for improvement in terms of performance overall.

 incorporating in Hong Kong

The Startup Ecosystem in Hong Kong 

Hong Kong has a strong infrastructure, which includes a successful digital economy and a reliable transit network. The government provides a variety of support programs for business owners. Hong Kong has a sizable and expanding market for startups. Additionally, a number of private groups offer funding and mentoring options for new businesses. Numerous incubators and accelerators may support the growth of your business in Hong Kong. Entrepreneurs and startup owners may attend a variety of events hosted all year long.

Why choose Hong Kong to incorporate your startup? 

Hong Kong boasts a robust infrastructure, including a thriving digital economy and a dependable public transportation system. For company owners, the government offers a number of support programs. Startups might find a huge and growing market in Hong Kong. Numerous private organizations also provide funding and mentorship opportunities for start-up companies. Your company’s expansion in Hong Kong may be supported through a variety of incubators and accelerators. A number of events are held throughout the year that entrepreneurs and startup owners can attend.

How does Startupr help you? 

Below you can learn how Startupr will help you to incorporate your startup in Hong Kong.

  • Easy and affordable company incorporation for Hong Kong startups – Do you wish to register as a Hong Kong Limited Company but are unsure of the steps and obstacles you must face in the legal system? This might be challenging initially if you are a new business and are not familiar with Hong Kong’s incorporation procedure. It’s not difficult to incorporate an online business in Hong Kong provided you have the correct attitude and everything is planned out properly. It is also crucial to work with a reputable corporate representative who can help you navigate this procedure and address any issues that may arise.
  • Offer business address and mail forwarding services that help to lower your cost of doing business – It takes careful consideration to choose where in Hong Kong to locate your company. You must spend your time and money wisely in order to choose the ideal location for the establishment of your firm. Think about this since it will be used by others to judge where your firm is located and as the foundation for their perception of your business. Startupr enables you to set up the company’s address from its location in central Hong Kong for your business operations and mail forwarding, as well as to use it as your registered address with the government. The newest development and most practical method of managing your paper mail is mail forwarding. No matter where you are, we allow you to stay in touch with your mail.
  • Offering accounting and profit tax filing services Our outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services in Hong Kong enable your business to have our team of knowledgeable specialists maintain track of all the numbers in your accounts. In order to boost the value of your company and examine the financial accounts, we will track and evaluate all of your financial transactions pertaining to your business and provide you with a general overview of the operation.
  • Efficient Back Office system – Our online Back Office solution allows you to manage your company’s records and mandatory annual filings in one location. Setting up and running a business in a foreign country may be tough, that is why we created this system to simplify the entire process of incorporation and managing your company. We help you with our system stay up to date with your company operations also by sending you reminders via email to comply with Hong Kong rules and regulations.
  • Entrepreneurs can manage their startup equity and valuations using our partner product, Eqvista – With our industry-leading services in cap table management and 409A valuation expertise, you’re in excellent hands. Our program will assist you in creating the most effective cap table for your business, and its user-friendly design will help you save time. A wide range of services is available to you, from simple cap table administration to complete services including company creation and 409A valuation compliance.

Incorporate your startup in Hong Kong?

Starting your own business in Hong Kong is an exhausting process and you might face issues with the administrative work. That is why choosing a skilled and service-oriented company is crucial. Startupr was designed just for these situations – We assist numerous entrepreneurs with their businesses in Hong Kong every day, and you may be the next. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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