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How to change your company name in Hong Kong?

Every limited company in Hong Kong needs to have a company name to commence operations. So without a name, companies can’t start their business. Let’s suppose you have chosen a name and started the company, but now you want to change it. What will you do? Do you know how to change the company name? Or do you know where you can check the availability of a business name?

If you wish to change the company’s name even after forming a Hong Kong company, there is a provision in the Hong Kong Ordinance that allows a company to do this. Keep on reading the article to get a full insight into the process.

Change company name Hong Kong

Company Name in Hong Kong

In order to commence business operations in Hong Kong, the first step is to choose a company name. While choosing the name for your Hong Kong business, you have to ensure that the proposed name is suitable for registration purposes.

For example, two companies cannot have the same chosen name, or a name which is too similar to each other. As businesses can’t take the risk of choosing a name that may get rejected by the government, it’s better to check the rules around a given name before making your final decision.

General Rules for Company names in Hong Kong

When it comes to picking up the name of your Hong Kong limited company, you have to follow certain rules and regulations. As per the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, you can’t choose any name you wish. General limitations and restrictions need to be followed properly to ensure that your business is following the criteria set by the Companies Registry.


The first rule for choosing the name of a Hong Kong company is the language criteria. You can choose a company name in either Chinese or English language for registering in Hong Kong, but in general cannot be a combination of both.

So, if you want to put an English company name, then that selected name must have the word “Limited” at the end. On the other hand, if you choose to have the name of your company in Chinese, then the characters “有限公司” should be included at the end.


Another rule that should be followed while picking up the company name in Hong Kong is uniqueness. You can’t choose a name that is already registered in the records, or a name which is already in the process of being registered. Any name that is the duplicate of a body corporate already incorporated will not be approved.

Government Name

The selected name of your company can’t give the impression that it is connected with the Hong Kong government or any government department.

Offensive Name

Business owners also can’t use a name that is opposed to the public interest or offensive in nature. The Companies Registry easily rejects these types of names. The name of the company is only confirmed when it gets approval from the government without objection, i.e., when the company is incorporated with the Certificate of Incorporation duly issued.

Other Company Name Restrictions

It will be helpful if you are careful enough to ensure that the name you propose for your Hong Kong incorporated company does not end up in a dispute. The reason is to make sure that the selected name doesn’t have too much similarity to any existing company name.

Moreover, adding a definite article in the first name of the existing company will not be considered. For instance, if ABC limited company is an already existing name, adding ”the” at the beginning of the company would not make it different enough, and thus the government may reject it.

Company name check

Every limited company in Hong Kong would need to have a unique and appropriate name as per the criteria set by the Companies Registry. But how will you check the name of your Hong Kong company?

Startupr can help you in choosing the right name for your business entity. Business owners can easily check the name they wish to register through our website. If the company owners also want to change the name even after the incorporation process, Startupr can also help. We will assist you in choosing the right name per your business needs to avoid any confusion.

Change of name of the Hong Kong Limited company

After the incorporation process, a company can also apply for changing their name. If you want to change the name of your Hong Kong limited company, you have to fill out a special resolution to change the name of the company as outlined in the Companies Ordinance. And here, Startupr’s special Back Office software can help you out.

You can check the availability of the selected company name in Hong Kong by entering the name in the search box. In fact, our system also enables you to keep track of your company’s details and required annual filings, all in one place.

Collect certificates of the name change

If the directors wish to change the name of the company, they can follow the instructions through our Backoffice and make the name change. After the company has officially changed its name, Startupr will send you the official ‘’Certificate of Name Change’. After that, you can start operating your business with the new registered name.

Hong Kong Company Name restrictions

After Changing Company Name

As soon as you change the name of your Hong Kong company, you would be required to update this information in other places as well. If you have been operating the business activities with the previous name,  you should make an announcement to any interested parties of your new selected name. 

Place where you may need to update your company name are:

  • Bank account: If you change your company name, you must update all business bank accounts and financial agreements.
  • Merchant accounts: In order to keep the communications with the customers smooth, businesses also need to keep their merchant account information up-to-date. Whether you are operating a merchant account in Paypal, Amazon, Stripe or Neat, you must update the new business name.
  • Business Address & Registered Address: If you have changed your business name, within 1 month of the change, you should notify the Business Registration Office. The business registration number, original and new business name, business address and the date of change should be clearly stated.
  • Business card: You should also change the company name in your business card and let your clients and customers know that you are now operating the business with the new name.
  • Product/services: After implementing the new corporate name, you also need to market your products and services with the new name so that customers get to know that you are selling the same products and services with the new name.
  • Website: Amend the content of your website(and newsletter), with the new business name and notify any external websites that link to it. Moreover, register a new website url and establish redirects to your main website.
  • Company Agreements/Contracts: If you have company agreements with new clients or existing ones before the change of company’s name, then you need to update the new business name in the contracts.

For example, after starting a business with the name MPR Limited company, you want to change the name of your business to ABD limited company. To continue the business with the new company name, you need to inform the banks about the changes and add this modification to your business account details. You should also change the name on your website, and other marketing materials like business cards, brochures, social media pages, and much more. 

How can Startupr help you?

By now, you now know all about a company’s name and the procedure to change it. As stated above, while changing your business name, you are also required to update all the business certificates with the new name to keep the business records up to date.

At Startupr we can help the business owners to change their company name and ensure the new name meets all the government requirements. Our process is streamlined by our online Backoffice system, which will help make the process smooth. For more information about the change of the company’s name, feel free to contact us today!

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