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Annual General Meeting (AGM)

All newly incorporated Hong Kong companies are obligated to hold the first annual general meeting within 18 months of incorporation date.

Arranging the first annual meeting

– first of all, you have to collect financial statements of the company including reports of the auditors and directors. If your company is a holding company, you’ll have to obtain consolidated financial statements.

– convene a directors’ meeting to pass a directors’ resolution to accept and sign the company’s financial statements

– circulate a notice of AGM along with a copy of the audited financial statements to the auditor and to all members of the company 

Notice of AGM

The written notice must be given at least 21 days before the date of the AGM to each member and the auditor.

For companies listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange – the written notice must be given at least 21 days before the date of the AGM and 10 business days before any general meeting.

A statement that members can appoint proxy to attend and vote on their behalf must be included along with the following documents:

– audited financial statements (if it’s a holding company – consolidated financial statements)

– proxy notice/form

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