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What is a HKID Number and How do you acquire an HKID in Hong Kong?

All outsiders living in Hong Kong must enroll for a smart Hong Kong identity card, irrespective of the duration of your visit. If you intend to live in Hong Kong, you should apply for one in the initial 30 days of arriving in Hong Kong.

Having an HKID is a prerequisite for personal reasons, however, it is also an essential archive needed for deals and consolidating an organization in Hong Kong. This article will outline all you want to know about getting an HKID and why you must get one.

HKID or Hong Kong Identity Card

HKID or Hong Kong Identity Card 

An id card is the most common tool used to verify that the person holding it is indeed who they claim to be. This card can be used to match any additional information. Hong Kong has a specific type of identity card which is called a Hong Kong Identity Card or HKID. Let us learn more about it. 

What is an HKID?

In Hong Kong, an HKID is an intelligent identity card that is a must for all non-residents in Hong Kong. This ID card is considered a distinguishing proof used for identification by the Immigration Department of Hong Kong.

On each HKID, there is an inbuilt microchip that functions as a form of identification and is used for other purposes such as medical cards, library cards, and many more such requirements. There is no chance that this document can replace the traditional form of identification and all the mandatory immigration documents but act as an essential document. All Hong Kong residents are advised to carry their HKID with them consistently. The size of an HKID is about the size of a Mastercard and has a microprocessor embedded in it as described above. This microchip is the place where the information is stored in regards to your movement status, biometrics, and other individual data. It is a savvy personality card with various mechanical elements, including card sturdiness and previously portrayed chip innovation.

Why do you need HKID in Hong Kong?

You need a Hong Kong identity card for the following reasons:

  • To remain as a non-extremely durable inhabitant in Hong Kong. You are expected to carry it with you consistently.
  • The information on the HKID stored through the computer chip keeps cards from being stolen, lost, or messed with.
  • You can use an HKID to make non-migration-related applications.
  • The HKID is used for all electronic taxpayer-driven organizations like the Automated Passenger Clearance System and Automated Vehicle Clearance System.
  • You can open a bank account with the help of an HKID.
  •  The HKID can also be used to search and go after job positions available, and it is a significant ID archive during the recruitment process. 

Who can apply for an HKID?

According to the Registration of Persons Ordinance, all citizens and residents of Hong Kong who are 11 or above need to enroll for an identity card. If a person applies for a card in Hong Kong, they have a guaranteed right to stay in the country. If an individual has a family, family members older than 11 years of age have to apply for their own smart identity cards. Young children below the age of 11 do not need to get an HKID. All people must apply for a Hong Kong Identity Card within 30 days of their arrival.

How long is it valid for, and when should I renew it?

Now that you know all about what an HKID is and who can apply for it, the next question is how long you can keep your Hong Kong Identity card for. There is no expiration date for HKID, but it is possible that you may be requested to reclaim a new card when newer, updated versions of these cards are released. As a non-permanent resident, the HKID issued to you is only valid during your Visa’s length of stay.

How to apply and get an HKID?

How do you apply for and receive the HKID? Once you have applied for the HKID, it is possible that you will get your identity card within ten working days following the submission of the application. One can check the exact date on the acknowledgment of the application. To apply for issuing HKID follow the following steps:

Step 1: Book an appointment online or in-person

It is advisable that you avoid queues by making an appointment online with the Hong Kong Immigration Department. One can only register a maximum of four people for a single appointment. It is advised to make an appointment before your visit as the appointment booking period is 24 working days.

Step 2: Assemble all the requisite documents

Once you get the appointment, submit your application form and provide the required details. Take valid travel documentation, including your visa, which proves that you have legally entered the country and can stay in Hong Kong. You will also need a birth certificate of all children from 11-17 years old. 

Step 3: Go to the Registration of Persons Offices

Get and fill out your application form. You have two ways to get the application through: you can either download the form or get one from the office. Ensure that you have all the required documents before applying. As described above your HKID is ready within ten working days.

Do fees apply? 

There are no fees that are payable for identity card registrations for new arrivals and people of the ages 11 or 18, and for Certificates of Exemption. However, fees are charged for replacing identity cards, which will be discussed further, and for Certificates of Registered Particulars. 

What to do if I lose or damage my HKID? 

You must take care of your HKID, hold it in a protective holder and ensure not to bend, break, tamper with or test it with a magnet. In case an identity card has been lost, destroyed, damaged, or defaced, the concerned person should apply for a replacement card at any Registration of Persons Office within 14 days of the loss. There will be a replacement fee that you will be charged with (HK $370) for the new HKID. It is therefore important that you take good care of your id so you don’t lose it.

Ready to register your business in Hong Kong? 

The article gives you an idea that if you plan on staying in Hong Kong, it is imperative to have a Hong Kong identity card. One of the reasons to visit Hong Kong for individuals is to start a business in Hong Kong. You can get your HKID and start the registration process of your business in Hong Kong. It is imperative that you take every measure to respect the local laws. 

Startupr can help with the registration and other services so that there are no mistakes from your end and the business starts smoothly. We have experience of more than a decade in incorporating businesses in Hong Kong.

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