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Top Four Reasons to Set-up a Company in Hong Kong


#1 Tax System

Hong Kong’s efficient tax regime creates a business-friendly environment, which in turn is a driver of economic growth.

No GST or VAT.

No withholding tax

No capital gains tax

No tax on dividends

Corporation income tax rate is only 16.5% (one of the lowest in the world)


Filing tax returns is another advantage. The process is simple and straight forward. It can be done all online. Many people complete and submit their tax returns themselves. The process is simple and straight forward.



#2 Ease of Company Incorporation

If you want to set up a company in Hong Kong, you don’t have to be a Hong Kong citizen. The company can be set up as within 24 hours and the incorporation and annual maintenance costs are low.


#3 Free Trade Port

Hong Kong has very easy customs procedures and it known for its free port status.

Duty is paid only on a few products.


#4 Legal framework

Hong Kong has a common law legal system and is based on the common-law principles of England and Wales. Its legal system is very good for protecting and enforcing legal rights and obligations arising from commercial contracts.

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