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Top 8 Small Business Ideas to Start in Hong Kong in 2022

Are you planning to begin your new business in Hong Kong and lack new business thoughts? Or are you searching for new business openings in Hong Kong? Starting another business requires your total assurance and clarity regarding what you need and how to fill in the country where you want to begin the business.

Hong Kong, in recent years, has drawn in plenty of new businesses. It is known as one of the most significant business center points on the planet. Many European and American organizations are moving their branches to Hong Kong. It directly results from the adaptable workspace, cordial expense approaches, and lower wage rates.

With loads of flourishing business openings in Hong Kong, are you thinking about what organizations you can begin in Hong Kong? Confused about where you really want to put resources into requests to make your business effective? Consider this rundown of 8 small business ideas in Hong Kong with many new company openings and get everything rolling!

Small Business Ideas to Start in Hong Kong in 2022

Small Businesses in Hong Kong

If you are considering Hong Kong, you will think about different ideas like shopping heaven, custom designers, and temple street night. Do you know that Hong Kong is known to be one of the unique urban communities in the world with solid growth possibilities?

Do you at least have an idea why a few business visionaries need to move outside their nation or go worldwide to set up their businesses? Big names like Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, PepsiCo, and Starbucks have presence in countries around the world. Think! The reason behind this is not only taking the benefits of setting up the business in the Asian market but also producing more income. With that in mind, Hong Kong is where benefits are uniquely available among other cities. 

Is Hong Kong an excellent place to start a small business?

This spot is engaging, provides quality in living, and carries on with work. It also offers many advantages that are remarkably accessible among different urban communities. Here are a few reasons to show you why Hong Kong is a great place to start.

Simple tax regime 

The first and foremost reason for setting up a business in Hong Kong is a simple and low tax regime. Paying hefty taxes will lead your business nowhere. Therefore, choosing a country that has a simple and easy tax regime can help. 

Freeport for overseas business

Hong Kong is a free port for overseas businesses such as China. Hong Kong’s status of “free port” and straightforward customs clearing is another major benefit to business persons. Companies are only required to pay duty on limited products like tobacco.

Excellent Location in Asia

Whether you want to grow your business to reach Mainland China or Asia, Hong Kong is a perfect choice for you. Situated in the heart of Asia’s high-growth economies, Hong Kong offers ample benefits to entrepreneurs.

If you are thinking about the time for commuting, you will be amazed to know that major business cities like Shanghai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Beijing, Manila, and Perth are in the same time zone as Hong Kong.

Best Small Business Ideas in Hong Kong 

Below are a few small business ideas which you can start in Hong Kong.


Not all organizations that sell goods store them on location. In dropshipping, individuals who run online businesses go to an outsider to satisfy all requests. The third party is probably a wholesale retailer or another element that runs a warehouse and shipping operation. The minimum inventory and tools required for dropshipping make it an extraordinary startup especially if you’re stressed over overhead expenses and actual space.

Online tutoring 

The interest in online coaching has opened up opportunities for business people. Since this is a web-based venture, you can pick any subject you are proficient in and show a course paying little heed to your area. In the event that you don’t have progressed information in a specific subject, consider showing English as a foreign language online to students abroad.

Personal/fitness training

The health market is as of now a grounded one; with a market of more than $1.5 trillion and developing. The pandemic has however changed how individuals approach their wellness schedules amazingly.

Because of diminished access to gyms, individuals found the potential gains to working out from home. Well-being and health applications are a tremendous market also, with downloads increasing by 46% worldwide toward the start of 2020. Likewise, individuals have been getting a charge out of proactive tasks that are less exercise engaged, such as climbing or martial arts. 

Content writing

Independent copywriting is an incredible business. As long as you have the internet, you can work from anywhere and everywhere. It’s a business that you can work from the comfort of your own home, or even from the street assuming you travel. If you build up a sufficiently enormous organization and gain references from fulfilled customers, you could even make Freelance writing your full-time job.

Digital marketing services

The significance of the web develops as time passes, yet it likewise becomes harder for organizations to slice through the internet-based mess and appropriately market themselves. Digital marketing services are consistently popular, and numerous little and moderate size organizations would prefer to reevaluate them than set up an exorbitant in-house group. If you have hacks in SEO, content showcasing, pay-per-click advertising, web development, or social media management, you could take advantage of a business opportunity that gives you the opportunity to telecommute.

Digital marketing is a significant part of any brand, so you’ll have to react to development in your customers’ advertising methodologies. Social media management involves looking for remarks and messages nonstop, not simply planning posts with a set-it-and-forget-it mentality.

Cleaning services

If you like to clean, you can transform that into a business without much of a stretch. With a couple of staff individuals, a large group of cleaning supplies, and transportation, you can offer cleaning administrations to property holders, apartment buildings, and business properties. Most cleaning services charge somewhere between $25 and $50 each hour. Cleaning services are transparent organizations that require moderately minimal overhead, therefore you need planning, commitment, and advertising to draw in clients.

Event planning 

The event planning industry is blasting. As in-person occasions become more well known as spaces reopen around the country, that interest will just keep on developing. There are numerous ways of beginning with an occasion planning business, including volunteering in your services first; taking classes for information and networking; and experimenting with various kinds of events for contacts in your organization.

Web/App Development 

Everyone owns a smartphone these days, and there is a need for app/web developers in the industry. You can either create your app or an app for any company that hires you. Even if you have no knowledge of how to develop the app, what you do is share your idea and hire freelancers to build it for you. It is one of the most promising and growing small business ideas in Hong Kong.

Ready to start a small business in Hong Kong?

Now that you know all the business ideas and why Hong Kong is the best place to open your business. You might be thinking of incorporating a business in Hong Kong. If you need help to go through the process smoothly. Startupr can help, and Startupr can assist you in starting your small business in HK. The company also offers many additional services like mail forwarding, virtual office, annual return filing, taxes etc.

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