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Statutory and Non-statutory Books of Hong Kong Company

Would you like to find out what information is your Hong Kong company required to maintain? Read our article below!

Statutory Company Record

After incorporation you will be required to maintain the following documents:

  • Register of directors and secretaries
  • Register of members
  • Written records of sole member (if applicable)
  • Written record of sole director (if applicable)
  • Minute books
  • Accounting records (read more about accounting records requirements of a Hong Kong company)
  • Register of charges and copies of all charging instruments

Non-Statutory Records

In addition to the statutory books you also may decide to  establish the following:

  • Register of transfers
  • Register if import documents

Public or Private

The information may be available to public in some cases. In other – only to members and creditors of the company.

Where to keep the Company records

There is a few option where the company records may be kept:

  • principal place of business
  • registered office
  • other place (company directors must approve the place and inform the Companies Registry).

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