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Register a Company in Singapore

Incorporating a private limited company would be your best choice because you will be able to enjoy tax efficiencies when conducting business in Singapore.

What will you need?


  • Company Name

Choose your company name first. However, the Company Registry in Singapore may reject a proposed business name if the name is:

  1. Undesirable;
  2. Identical to another; or
  3. of a kind the Minister has directed the Registrar not to accept.

We recommend to conduct a preliminary search before submitting the name application for official approval to increase your chances that the Registrar approves your company name.

  • Registered office in Singapore
  • Particulars of company shareholders
  • Particulars of company directors – please note that at least one company director must be a Singapore resident.
  • Particulars of the company secretary
  • A brief business description
  • Paid up capital

After incorporation the Company Registrar will issue:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Company Business Profile containing the particulars of the newly formed company

Additional things your company should have:

  1. A company seal
  2. A company rubber stamp
  3. A share register


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