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Protect Your Hong Kong Company

As a financial and business centre, Hong Kong has developed a huge startup scene in the recent years.

There is no doubt that starting your own business is risky. Every entrepreneur is facing risks such as issues with employees, risks of frauds, theft and other potential incidents which could affect the company’s ability.



Therefore, we recommend all young companies to understand and be aware of their specific risks and purchase insurance that will cover potential danger.


The most commonly used insurance types:


Employees’ Compensation Insurance

Mandatory for all businesses in Hong Kong! You can find more information at:


Group medical Insurance

Health insurance in Hong Kong is optional but strongly recommended as most of the clinics providing high quality services are private.


Professional Indemnity

If your Hong Kong company i giving advice to customers, you should obtain the professional indemnity insurance. It is designed to provide support in the event that a client makes a claim or files a legal suit


Office packages/Office contents

This is optional.

Office contents and office packages insurance protect the physical assets of the company against damage, theft or loss.



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