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Online Bank Account Opening

Due to a huge expansion of international business the demand for corporate bank accounts has grown.  Nowadays, companies may benefit from business-friendly jurisdictions all around the world allowing to open bank accounts without personal visits.

In the banking industry, Swiss banks have always played a key role. In this article we will take a closer look at a leading Switzerland private bank – CIM Banque.

CIM Banque provides full range of financial services to both – Hong Kong companies and private individuals including user friendly internet banking, debit and credit cards.

Open an Account

In order to open a corporate bank account you will not be required to visit the bank in person. The bank account opening process is totally online and straightforward. It involves completing an online form and submitting signed pdf documents.

Once the bank receives all necessary documents, the bank officer will arrange a short videoconference meeting with you.

24/7 Access

High performance online banking interface is available for customers. You can choose from different languages (English, Spanish, French, etc.). Through the online banking platform, you will be able to check your balance online, make money transfers worldwide, and more.

Cashless Transactions

CIM Banque provides VISA, MasterCard and American Express payment cards. If you wish you can also obtain the Swiss Bankers Travel Cash Card, a pre-paid card ideal for traveling.



Fees and Charges

Incoming Payment – $15 USD

Outcoming Payment – $3.50 USD

Monthly Maintenance Fee – $40 USD

Application Fee – $150 USD or free of charge*

*Initial deposit of 20,000 USD/EUR waives the account opening fee. Full price list here.

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