International Bank Account & Digital Payment Platform for Hong Kong Business

In the international financial center of Hong Kong, there is an array of bank options available for companies as both Hong Kong bank accounts and international bank accounts. Setting up a Hong Kong business bank account is not overly complicated, but there are some requirements that need to be met for every bank.

These days, it has become quite difficult for founders to visit HK banks in person with the current pandemic. And that’s where international bank accounts and digital payment platforms such as CIM Banque and Statrys comes into play. Businesses can easily open their accounts online without being physically present in a bank. Curious to know more about these international bank accounts?

International Bank Account for Hong Kong Business

CIM Banque – Open a Bank Account in an International Bank

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the demand of international bank accounts has drastically increased. And one such international bank, CIM Banque, offers client-tailored services while considering all the needs of their clients. This bank offers a very smooth banking experience, and has made the process of opening a bank account online!

Startupr introduces you to CIM Banque

Here at Startupr we assist our clients with a formal introduction to Cim Banque. Statistically applications applied with the help of company formation providers have a significantly higher chance of success with international banks, due to higher due diligence requirements for corporate secretaries.

Therefore if you want to make an application to start operating a business in Hong Kong, you should contact a professional firm like Startupr

We will act as your company secretary and help prepare all the important company documents for your bank account opening. When you choose us as your company secretary, we will represent your firm to the bank and complete all the applications.

Here are some documents that needs to be submitted to open a business bank  account:

  1. The company formation documents
  2. Business supporting documents detailing business plan, invoice, agreement.
  3. Due Diligence documents (To provide all directors, shareholders and UBO’s passport and proof of address, etc.)

CIM Banque features and services

CIM Banque always believes in offering the best services to their clients online and growing their business success. This bank offers debit and credit cards with user-friendly internet banking services.

Online Services

When you choose CIM Banque as your corporate bank, you don’t have to be physically present to open the account. The process is all online and straightforward. You just have to fill-up the form and submit it with your signed document.

Continuous Access

Founders can enjoy their online banking in different languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese, and French. With its online banking interface, you can easily check your balance, do money transfers worldwide, trade, etc.

Enjoy Cashless Transactions

CIM Banque offers various payment card types, including VISA, MasterCard, and American Express cards to have smoother transactions. Moreover, clients can also get a prepaid card and Swiss Bankers Travel Cash Card for traveling.

Update on October 2020: CIM Banque has changed their compliance requirements, please contact us at Startupr for more details.

Statrys – Digital Payment Platform for Hong Kong Business

Another digital payment platform that companies can choose to open a business account in Hong Kong is Statrys. This platform serves all small-sized businesses, large-sized enterprises, and startups with an amazing banking experience.

How Statrys bank account is different from the traditional bank accounts?

Statrys business bank accounts are quite different from traditional style business bank accounts. First of all, Statrys is totally digital, so companies can access the account anywhere, anytime.

Second, Statrys permits entrepreneurs to control their business finances online without any need of visiting the bank in-person, unlike traditional banks. It also allows corporations to make payments, view balances, add beneficiaries, and manage their users online.

Features of Statrys

Statrys believes in providing customers with the best quality banking experience. If you find any difficulty while operating the business account, this bank does their best to resolve the banking services issues of their clients.

Their key features include:

Full Control on Financial Affairs

Statrys provides companies with 24/7 control over their financial transactions. Therefore, businesses can enjoy their operations at any time from all over the world.

Provide Real-time tracking of your payments

Statrys also offers real-time tracking options for businesses to check the status of their payments.

FOREX Trading Options for SMEs

Another feature of Statrys is the Forex trading option available for SMEs. You can control your foreign currency transactions and protect your profit margin.

Need any help in opening a bank account for your Hong Kong business?

If you want to start operating your business in Hong Kong conveniently online, then you should opt for these international banking and digital payment platform options like CIM Banque and Statrys. Whether you want to open a business account  in CIM Banque or Statrys, Startupr can help you. For more information about us, contact us today!

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