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Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

Planning to have a career in Hong Kong? As usual, there are certain things you must know before you begin. Tax havens are special administrative regions of China, such as Hong Kong. Many of you may plan to shift to Hong Kong but couldn’t because you do not have a permanent job offer. If this is the case, you must learn about Hong Kong’s quality migrant admission scheme. Before we thoroughly explain QMAS, let us quickly understand the term in simple words. It is a visa known as a QMAS visa that can help you settle in Hong Kong permanently. Below is a detailed explanation of Hong Kong’s quality migrant admission scheme and related concepts you must be aware of. 

What is the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme? 

Hong Kong quality migrant admission scheme is a points-based evaluation where you are given points depending upon various factors such as age, qualification, language, etc. This scheme helps you receive a visa which will help you in settling in Hong Kong along with your dependence permanently. If you are eager to plan your career in Hong Kong via a professional job, you must prepare for a QMAS visa. Once you have entered the QMAS category, you are eligible for many professional job lists in the Hong Kong region. As mentioned earlier, under this scheme, individuals and families who wish to move to Hong Kong permanently are evaluated and given points based on various factors. This scheme is, therefore, important to understand before you plan your career in Hong Kong.  

Benefits of the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

Let us understand the benefits you can avail of from QMAS. 

  • The key feature of a QMAS visa is that you can live and work in Hong Kong without having a prior job offer. 
  • With the help of QMAS, you can take your partner or child who is less than 18 years and is a single child. 
  • You can apply for citizenship once you have completed seven years in Hong Kong. 
  • You are also offered to stay for one year in Hong Kong. 

Current Skilled Professional List in Hong Kong

Whenever we plan a career, we always think of our skills and how we can use them to carve a niche. Similarly, you must know your area of interest before you migrate to Hong Kong. The list of skilled professionals in Hong Kong mainly aims to attract the majority of skilled and high-quality overseas talents under the Hong Kong quality migrant admission scheme. The occupational list of Hong Kong is a diverse topic that covers a vast field of professional opportunities.

 Let us quickly see what opportunities are listed in the occupation list of Hong Kong. 

Academic and Educational Sector: 

  • Nurseries
  • College or tertiary education
  • Research in the academic area 

Architectural, Construction, Surveying, and Engineering Sectors:

  • Architecture
  • Surveying
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Landscaping 

The Sector of Art and Culture:

  • Photography
  • Museum
  • Libraries
  • Performing arts 
  • Fine arts 

Broadcasting and Entertainment Sector:

  • Broadcasting
  • Performing
  • Motion pictures and videos 
  • Television programs
  • Production
  • Audio record
  • Music Industry
  • Publishing

Human Resources and Business Support Sector:

  • Human resource management consultancies
  • Business consultants
  • Company Secretary
  • Administrative support
  • Public services
  • Recruitment services
  • Information services
  • Advertisement

Catering and Tourism Sector:

  • Hotels 
  • Restaurants
  • Bars 
  • Travel businesses or agencies

Commerce and Trade Sector:

  • Import and export
  • Retail and wholesale

The Sector of Financial and Accounting Services:

  • Banking sector
  • Insurance
  • Security services
  • Investment banking
  • Accountancy 

Human and Veterinary Healthcare Sector:

  • Chinese medicines 
  • Western medicine
  • Therapist 
  • Veterinary services
  • Nurses 
  • Dental care services
  • Medical Technologist

Information Technology and Telecommunication Sector:

  • Wireless and wireline communication services
  • IT consultants

Logistics and transportation sector: 

  • Air transportation
  • Water transportation
  • Land transportation
  • Logistics

Manufacturing sector: 

  • Electrical services
  • Electronics
  • Foods and beverages
  • Textile 
  • Metals
  • Toys 
  • Chemical 
  • Jewelry
  • Printing 
  • Publishing
  • Sports 

These are some of the occupations offered in Hong Kong for skilled and talented individuals worldwide. 

Eligibility Criteria of Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

Once we have learned about QMAS and the opportunities available in Hong Kong, it is time to learn about QMAS eligibility. Before you plan your career in Hong Kong via a QMAS visa, you must learn what factors are responsible for the points that are calculated for QMAS eligibility. 

  • Age – The very first and crucial eligibility before applying for the QMAS is age. The applicant must be at least eighteen years old.  
  • Financial Requirement  – Before your migration via QMAS, you must be able to demonstrate that you would be able to bear all your and your dependent’s accommodation without any help from public assistance in Hong Kong. This step is important because you are not having any job offer before your migration and because the administrative authority of Hong Kong is concerned about knowing that you will be able to manage all your expenses. 
  • Good Character – Maintaining a good character to settle down in Hong Kong is important. Not only in Hong Kong but in almost every country in the world is determined to welcome all those individuals who have maintained a good character record. To gain good points in QMAS, one should not have any criminal records in Hong Kong or any part of the world. 
  • Language Proficiency – Language plays an important role in communication and in the process of moving abroad. To settle down in Hong Kong, one must be proficient ( both spoken and written) in English or Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese).
  • Basic Educational Qualification – To settle down in Hong Kong, you must have a good academic background. Normally one must have an undergraduate degree from any recognized and authorized University or tertiary educational institution. However, in some special conditions, any documentary evidence of any technical or professional achievement can be considered.   
  • General Points Test or Achievement-Based Points Test  – Once the candidate has met the requirement of basic qualification, the candidate must pass points-based tests. Candidates must pass either the general points test or the achievement-based points test. The minimum passing mark for the general points test is 80 out of 165. 

And for the achievement-based points test, you must have an exceptional medal in any of the internationally or internationally authorized fields. 

Once you have learned the basic requirements for the QMAS, it is time to go through the other related information that is required. 

Required Documents for the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

For the QMAS application process, you must have certain documents. Below listed are the documents that you need before applying for the visa. 

  • Complete your application form either in English or in Chinese version. 
  • Copy of your personal particulars page of your passport. If you are currently residing in Hong Kong, then, in that case, you can attach a copy of your passport’s page that shows the information of your last arrival or stay label in Hong Kong. 
  • If you have any people’s republic of China identity cards, then keep a copy of that also.  
  • A copy of their Visa application form and supporting documents must be submitted if you plan to move in with a dependent. For more details, you can look at Hong Kong dependent visa guidelines. 
  • Copy of your net worth such as bank statement, current investment value, current audited financial statement of your business, or any personal debt, etc. 
  • Copy of your language proficiency that can be used as proof in any of the languages, either in English or Chinese. Tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PSC, or HSK are accepted for the QMAS application form. 
  • Copy of proof of educational qualification like graduation and an equivalent degree from any authorized institute. 
  • Copy of any professional course, training, or qualification. 
  • Copy of proof of any work-related experience that can be used for employment references, such as any appreciation letter or proven work of yours. Considering you as a business owner, you can also use any client reference letter.  
  •  A copy of your future plans in Hong Kong, along with the key career accomplishments. 

Why and How to Pass the Point-Based Test? 

The point-based test is required after the pre-requisite. Candidates who are planning to migrate to Hong Kong must pass either of points based tests- 

  • General points test
  • Achievement-based points test

Here are the criteria for passing the points-based test. 

  • For general points test – Under this test, there are five options by which a candidate can secure points. The basis of these points is age, academic background, qualification, family background, work experience, and language proficiency. The candidate must have scored at least 80 out of the maximum points, which is 165. 
  • For achievement-based points test – This achievement-based points test is exclusively for those candidates who have any special skill or talent in any of the exceptional fields. There is also a one-point scoring factor of maximum points, which will only be rewarded if the candidate has any exceptional achievement award such as an Olympic medal, Nobel prize, etc. You can also show any certification of your work that has contributed to your field as well. 

How to Apply for the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme?

In the process of applying for the Hong Kong QMAS, you must be prepared for a series of steps. Here is a detailed explanation of every required step. 

  • Once you have filled out the application form and all the required documents, you can post them or hand them over to the Hong Kong immigration department. 
  • Once the authorities have received your application form, they will send an acknowledgment mail within seven days of the submission. 
  • Then immigration department will conduct a quota allocation under which candidates will be divided into categories according to their points in the tests. 
  • The results for quota allotment will be published on the official website of the immigration department within 15 days after the process. 
  • If you have managed to get a quote, you will receive an Approval-in-principle letter. 
  • An Approval-in-principle letter allows you to enter Hong Kong, sit for an interview, and present all the original documents submitted at the time of application form submission. However, dependents are not required for this personal interview. 
  • Once the immigration authorities have checked all the documents presented to you, you will receive formal approval for a visa that will be valid for one year. 
  • If you are a resident of mainland China, then you must submit the consent letter of the authorities you are currently working with. The letter must have authorization from your current company or institution that they will let you go to reside in Hong Kong. 

Processing Time for Hong Kong Immigration

Hong Kong immigration process time is a dependent process which is also a lengthy one. Hong Kong immigration forms are processed based on a variety of factors, such as: 

  • The cut-off points keep changing with every draw. 
  • The whole process requires a visa interview conducted by the Hong Kong administration department in Hong Kong only. 
  • Also, the details and type of visa vary from person to person, which is also a time taking process. 

Once we have considered all the factors mentioned above, we can say that the process of Hong Kong immigration may take 8 weeks to 12 months. 

How and when to renew a Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme Visa?

The renewal of the QMAS visa in Hong Kong is required before it expires. The period of QMAS is one year, and if you want to have an extension on your visa and you have got your visa through the general points system, then you must have an employment source within one year in Hong Kong. However, if you have got your visa with an achievement-based points system, you must prove that you can manage your expenses and your dependence (if any). 

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