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Hong Kong Company Registration Services

You’ve decided to set up a Hong Kong Limited company, but don’t know where to start?

The company incorporation process is quite overwhelming and one has to overcome many bureaucratic obstacles. Luckily there are plenty of Hong Kong company registration services providers to choose from. To better understand what perks may choosing Startupr Hong Kong Limited as your company secretary bring, read our article below.

Startupr offers company incorporation services including using our Hong Kong office address as your registered address, company secretarial services, filing of your company’s tax return, and that’s just the beginning.

  • Company Incorporation

Collect all necessary documents, deliver the documents to us and we’ll take care of the rest. Once the company has been set up, we’ll notify you.

  • Hong Kong Office Address

Every company incorporated in Hong Kong must have registered office in Hong Kong.  However, that doesn’t mean you have to necessarily rent office space. You can find convenient to use Startupr’s Hong Kong office address as a virtual office in Hong Kong for your business. This is another part of the Hong Kong company registration services provided by Startupr.

  • Company Secretary

Your company will need a company secretary. It must be either a Hong Kong incorporated company, or a natural person residing in Hong Kong.

  • Annual Return

Startupr will file your company’s annual return for your business.

Startupr also provides additional services such as de-registration of company, providing a non-executive director, incorporation consultation. Please visit our website for a full list of our Hong Kong company registration services.


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