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Firstlook, a Co-Invest Program from Tribe Capital

Ever thought of a program that helps a founder connect a founder with strategic capital. Firstlook is a co-invest program. It is a program that unites founders with the strategic capital and helps by providing a select group of global institutions, RIAs, and individuals with high-net-worth. This gives the founders access to trusted co-invest opportunities that are underwritten and administered by the Tribe.

Firstlook, a Co-Invest Program from Tribe Capital

Tribe Capital – Venture Capital Firm 

Before we dive deep into the tribe capital Firstlook program, let us study about Tribe Capital, the firm determined to bring a change in this world. 

About Tribe Capital

Tribe Capital is a venture capital firm with the aim to use product and data science in order to engineer N-of-1 companies and investments. The firm is centered around perceiving and intensifying the beginning phase of the product-market fit.

Firstlook Co-Invest Program

Tribe Capital, a $360 million endeavor, announced a program called Firstlook. The tribe capital Firstlook program will permit people who qualify with total assets of more than $1 million with annual pay of $200,000 to co-invest in startups under the deals managed by Tribe.

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