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Bank Account in Hong Kong easy to open again!

Earlier this year banks around the world tightened requirements for new bank accounts and many control measures have been put in place as a result of intense pressure from regulators particularly from the perspective of anti-money laundering and terrorist financing. 

This destroyed global banking and created an environment where banks are scared to do anything.

But finally, Hong Kong as one of the safest and well-capitalized banking systems on the planet decided to make a change.

According to Simon Black, Hong Kong’s Monetary Authority has decided that it will no longer live in fear and is now leading a rebellion against US government financial servitude. They’ve just announced new guidelines to make Hong Kong, once again, one of the easiest and best places in the world to bank. Those guidelines will specifically include simplified account opening procedures for foreigners, foreign business, and startups.

It’s about to become easier to open a bank account in Hong!

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