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5 Reasons Why You Need a Bank Account out of Hong Kong

Have you been ever wondering why you should open a bank account out of Hong Kong? Here is JUST A FEW advantages that international banking may bring to you and your company.

1. Business Freedom

You will stop being dependent on one country and one currency. More options equal more freedom.

2. Higher Interest Rates

Look abroad and you will find banks that offer significantly higher interest rates than what your current bank offers.

3. Currency Diversification

You may easily diversify your portfolio risk by holding foreign currencies. Moreover, currency diversification would also protect your purchasing power and internationalize your savings.

4. Healthier Banking Systems

Banks in stable jurisdictions offer low debt, they are very well capitalized, runned more conservatively and they usually keep more cash on hand.

5. Political Risk Mitigation

The biggest risk to your savings poses government. We only can expect higher bank deposit taxes, capital controls, retirement savings nationalizations, among other damaging actions.

Besides the above mentioned benefits, most international banks allow you to open the bank account for your Hong Kong company online.

Check out the banking guide where we share our favorite international banks.

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