Hong Kong Startups

Tips to Manage Hong Kong Startups in a Virtual Environment

The digital age has changed a lot of things in the world, and one such thing is the functioning of businesses. With increasing management costs, infrastructure costs, and use of the internet, several companies are changing their focus from traditional business to virtual business. The well-developed infrastructure of Hong Kong…
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Why is incorporating in Hong Kong the best choice for your startup?

In an effort to foster unicorn firms and advance the expansion of the new economy, economies throughout the world are making little effort to support start-ups, which are regarded as engines of economic progress. According to Invest Hong Kong’s (InvestHK) Annual Startup Survey, the number of start-up businesses in the…
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Bootstrapping Your Hong Kong Company – The Ultimate Guide

Dreaming about starting Hong Kong business, but worried about finances? In order to put your business off the ground, every person needs to have a financial investment. Why don’t you think about bootstrapping your Hong Kong company? Bootstrapping your business, really? Bootstrapping your company means you are growing it with…
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