Nominee Services

Hong Kong companies are totally transparent and personal information of the company directors and shareholders are made public. That is also one of the most common reasons why entities in Hong Kong consider appointing nominee directors and shareholders.

In Hong Kong, many companies offer nominee services, however choosing the right provides is not easy.


Nominee Director

All Hong Kong companies are required to have at least one individual director. By appointing a nominee director the company will ensure that all personal information of the shareholders and company directors (e.g. name, address, passport number, etc.) will be kept hidden from public.


Nominee Shareholder

Appointing a nominee shareholder and a nominee director usually go hand in hand. A Declaration of Trust to protect the actual shareholder’s rights should be entered into.


Company bank account

Most bank will request the name of the ultimate beneficial owners when opening a corporate bank account. Also, the beneficial owner(s), nominee director(s) and shareholder(s) must attend the introductory meeting with the bank.

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